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who we are

We are a group of housed and unhoused community members who are tired of waiting for our cities to address the very immediate need for housing.




Everyone is entitled to safe and secure housing. And not only during a pandemic. Homeless Bay Area residents have lived in a constant state of crisis for years. We need housing for all today!


There are more empty houses than homeless people in the Bay Area. No one should be homeless, especially when buildings are sitting empty. Mayor London Breed and other elected officials should use their emergency powers to open all vacant homes to house the thousands of Bay Area residents sleeping outside and in shelters!


In 2018 San Franciscans voted to provide housing to our unhoused neighbors; Prop C passed with over 60% of the vote! It is inexcusable for Mayor Breed to withhold those funds. We need 4,000 units for homeless people TODAY!


We all deserve a place to shelter during this pandemic. By refusing to immediately house all homeless people, our local governments have failed Bay Area residents. While our cities drag their feet, our houseless neighbors can’t afford to spend another day outside and at risk. It is up to us to curtail the ever increasing death toll.

Couper Orona is known around San Francisco as “The Street Medic” because she bikes around the city streets helping people treat wounds, abscesses, and other ailments, as well as training people how to use Narcan. Couper became homeless ten years ago when she was injured working as a firefighter. She had multiple surgeries and titanium rods put into her back, but after all of it she was unable to return to work and quickly ran out of money.

She moved first into a tent, but when her encampment was swept during the Super Bowl she moved into the RV where she has lived since. But Couper is tired of worrying if her vehicle and all of her belongings will be targeted and towed, tired of living without access to a shower, or a kitchen. 

Jess Gonzalez was born and raised in the Bay area and currently works as a dog walker. She was evicted a year ago because her landlord would no longer allow her to have her service dog with her. After being forced from her housing, she moved into her vehicle.

Being an unhoused woman in SF is hard and dangerous; Jess has tried to park in small groups with other women to protect and watch out for each other. “It’s for sure not easy… I know I didn’t choose to be unhoused… being back inside would be like winning the lottery.”

Right before the pandemic hit, our community called on Mayor London Breed to sign a pledge affirming that she would honor the will of the voters who passed Our City Our Home, an initiative that would open housing to 4,000 homeless people.

She refused.

Mayor Breed has continued to refuse to open housing even as the global pandemic threatens the lives of the thousands of San Franciscans currently in congregate shelters, SROs, and tent encampments.

Couper and Jess, like all San Franciscans, deserve to be in safe and permanent housing. We can’t wait another day.